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Our Current Training (Leading Through Team)

Excellence in Professionalism

Bangladesh Society of Professionals (BSP) is a fusion of Bangladeshi multi-dimensional scholars from different professional platform which will create a landmark for the professional development in Bangladesh. It started its journey some couple of years back as an email loop with the help of magnetic coordination and communication skills of Ms. Sumaya. She tried to maintain close relation among the professionals from different arena with her talented & effective e-communication expertise. Ms. Amina along with some other expert professionals extended their hand to for maintaining the group cohesiveness.Got Govt. Registration in 2014.

The seed of this Professional body has been sowed officially on 8 May 2009. This E-group will help the members to develop their professional skills, to solve the problems by e-communication and also to share the expertise among the members of the forum for ensuring effective & efficient Leadership in the professional arena in Bangladesh as well as in different parts of the world.

Motto of the forum : Excellence in Professionalism

Vision : Become strategic partner for development & practice of professionalism & system

Mission of the forum: Developing dynamic professionals and diversified systems through research, development, implementation, evaluation and recommendation.

Objectives of the forum:
  • To establish proper dignity of Professionals
  • To implement rules, laws, bylaws, by making the owners understand about the necessity of resources or professionals
  • To develop Human Resources through organizing training, workshop, seminar, conference etc.
  • Head hunting & HR Support
  • OD consultancy
  • Researches for professional development
  • Publications for enhancing professional knowledge
  • Help members to get better opportunity in professional arena
  • Cooperate each other in career & professional development
  • Assist to ensure Change Management
  • CSR activity
  • Develop trainers / facilitators groups/people

News & Events

Look at some of the recent events we have completed


  • Address: Professional Society of Bangladesh
    Suvastu Nazar Valley, Apt# 8E3, Tower# 4
    Pragati Sharani, Shahjadpur, Gulshan-2
    Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Phone: +88 01705 442277


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